Al Rasikh - About - Mission

Our vision is unlimited. We believe that the sky is our limit, and we believe that with the hard work and the right knowledge we can sustain the market and build lifelong relationships between us and our clients.

At Al Rasikh company for Trading and Commercial Agencies LTD, our first and last care will always be on satisfaction and quality delivery. Our attention to the details is a major factor of our perfection and uniqueness, and our client’s trust is a trademark we work on.
Through our long years of experience, we aim to bring the best and the most reliable solutions to the Iraqi market, and to offer services beyond comparison in quality and efficiency.

We believe that the scientific and the practical technological systems are the way to the future, thus we handpick all our product manufacturers and service partners to ensure the quality of our work and the quality of what we offer to the market. We aim to distinguish ourselves and our customers by offering the best of their needs.